Compact Living

In traditional Japanese architecture, walls made of wooden frames and rice paper could be slid open or closed to alter the presence of a room from an intimate setting to a public room blending inside and outside.  In this modern Chinese example, a Chinese architect has created a set of shifting wall panels to maximize the interior space.  His apartment has 24 configurable spaces.  Behind each layer of wall exists another room – the tv unit pulls back to reveal a kitchen, the bookcase reveals a bathroom which in turn becomes a bed.  All this is necessary for comfortable living in his 350 sq ft Hong Kong apartment.  What I find equally impressive is the labor and effort required to bring all the materials up to his tenement space in the heart of the city.  No easy feat in itself.

(via what we do is secret)

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  1. Dave Olufs, Owner Just 4 Measure, Ltd

    I’ve seen this video… This guy did an incredible job fitting his living into a very tight space…

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