Rematerial: From Waste to Architecture

In an interesting Design Observer article, the authors of Rematerial: From Waste to Architecture reflect on the importance of addressing the ways we view certain waste products in society.  There is an accompanied slide show that runs through half a dozen or so projects.  While they all offer interesting ways of reusing and recycling certain materials, the Observation/Refuge by Rodrigo Sheward stood out for its dedication to simplicity.  The program of the project is in it self very basic – a refuge for hunters in the winter and a lookout deck for hikers in the summer.  The materials culled from the leftovers of the local mining company, pieces left to rot, gained a second life providing protection.   While it might not be the worlds greatest piece of architecture, it is great to see a byproduct of consumption find a use rather than becoming a waste.

Plus the view isn’t all that bad!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the post. This book goes on sale in the US today. Just linked to this post on the Norton Facebook fan page. See here:

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