Container Atlas

For a while now, containers architecture has slowly been popping up around the globe.  With the growing number of projects its becoming harder and harder to keep up with all the great designs.  Luckily Prof. Hans Slawik, a faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences at Liebniz University Hanover, has managed to create an amazing book, Container Atlas, compiling all sorts of projects from public buildings, offices in warehouses, commercial/corporate architecture, various housing types, low budget architecture, exhibitions, art installations and even buildings trying to emulate the container look.  We are honored to have IMD partner Paul Stankey’s project be among the likes of LOT-EK, Shigeru Ban and Luc Deleu.

We highly recommend perusing a copy of Container Atlas, a book full of general information on containers, as well as great photographs and drawings.  The first section of the book consists of several great essays on topics ranging from the history of the container, to the construction physics of containers to the ecological aspects of container construction.  This book is as much about substance as it is about showing great images of shipping container designs from northern Minnesota to New Zealand.


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