Exotic Architecture #2

In the late 60’s and early 70’s the Metabolism movement was booming in Japan.  The simple tenants of mobility and organic growth in a large scale population flowed through all of their designs.  Possibly the most iconic or at least most well known example from this period is the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo’s Ginza district.  The principal idea behind the tower was the creation of a central core to which living capsules could be “plugged in” or pulled out when the tenant moves out.  In this way a capsule owner could keep their own capsule and ideally move around town to other cores.  The dream never came true, as this was the only tower built.  What makes this such an interesting project is the possibility for mobility but also the interior space which utilizes all sorts of space saving techniques, including drop down furniture but also paired down living, such as smaller bathrooms and smaller beds.  While not the most ideal living space for a family or even a couple, it is an amusing and interesting project architecturally and sociologically.

Unfortunately, the plug was pulled on the buildings life line and if it isn’t demolished yet, it most likely will be.


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