Exotic Architecture #3

Richard Rogers may be more well known for his sense of style than as the inspiration of the current generation of Antarctic structures.  However, having perused a fantastic book on modular construction, I stumbled upon Richard and Su Rogers Zip-Up Enclosures No 1 and 2 and immediately thought of those small stations stubbornly surviving in the harsh climate.  These high tech Zip Up Enclosures were intended to replace housing as we know it.  The frame of each structure would consist of several panels comprised of hybrid plastics, rubber and PVC.  The idea being the skin could act as its own structural support, similar to the system in cars and certain mobile homes.  People could buy the necessary amount of panels and zip them into the existing pieces, creating a home fit perfectly to their needs.  Further, the structure could adapt to any site as the support stilts could be jacked up accordingly.  Sound familiar? That’s because it’s very similar to the techniques being employed on Halley VI and other Antarctic research stations (as previously mentioned here).  Not to mention, Rogers even nailed the aesthetic of current space age looking stations such as the South African station and newly built French and Italian research station.  Though admittedly, Zip Up Enclosures retain Richard’s appreciation for bold gaudy colors, something the research stations haven’t employed yet.  After all, what better way to find a station then look for the eye popping yellow and pink tube, jutting out of a landscape of white.


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