Introducing Unit 0322

For a while now, we at InterModal Design have been working on a form of relief housing which would not only address short term issues, but also provide a plan for stabile long term growth.  Unit 0322 came about following the earthquake disaster in Chile, in which many lower and middle class homes were destroyed by a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake.  We were contacted to produce a formal proposal which would provide relief housing on a massive scale in a very short period of time.  Shipping containers seemed like the best solution: readily available and durable shelters which could not only arrive on site within weeks, but could provide the necessary protection from the looming winter months and inclement weather in Chile.

But, we also had our eyes on the future.  0322 is more than just a means of providing protection; it is also a way of building communities.  Once initial needs are met, such as providing a safe shelter, the home owners can personalize their containers at their own pace and budget – adding a window here or there, painting the interior and eventually purchasing the simple affordable exterior cladding and pitched roof we’ve designed.  The concept is to provide stabile growth and allow the home owners to transform the container into their home.  After all, we recognize that not everyone wants to feel like they live in a container.

For more plans, photos, and an informational pdf on unit 0322 check out our website.


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