Unfolding Furniture #3

A lot of people don’t understand how a shipping container can be lived in.  They look at the narrow proportions of the container and compare it to the rooms that they currently inhabit in their suburban homes.  But the truth is – we can live in smaller spaces while still having the same amount of amenities.  As you have seen through our blog posts of a dynamic Chinese apartment and a custom mobile home – it is more about being creative with the space you have then it is about having a lot of space.

A great example of this philosophy comes to us from Resource Furniture, based out of New York.  They have worked with a talented group of furniture designers, mechanical engineers, and hardware companies to create a line of space saving furniture that is beautiful in both function and aesthetics… a perfect compliment to an IMD container home!


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One response to “Unfolding Furniture #3

  1. Daron

    Wow, I love it. My main concern when considering buying a container home would be the limited space. Utilizing furniture such as this seems to solve that problem!

    Love the blog.

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