Exotic Architecture #4

Follow up from the last post on our newest design – a disaster response – is a quick post on the INFO Box by Schneider + Schumacher Architekten.  INFO Box was a temporary structure built in 1995 in the historic Postdamer Platz, which had been completely destroyed during the war and left as a vacant zone during the Cold War period.  Following the dismantling of The Wall and the rebuilding of this once vibrant cultural point, INFO Box became a temporary structure intended to educate the masses on the rebuilding effort.  This light structure barely touching the ground and quickly built in three months acted an information center providing views of construction sites, as well as, a variety of multimedia educational booths informing the public on what would become of Potsdamer Platz.

Effectively a band aid covering the cities wound, INFO Box was eventaully taken down in 2001 once reconstruction of Potsdamer Platz was complete.  Interestingly this structure seems to imbue many of the features of the Antarctic Research stations we’ve mentioned before.



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