More History

To start Sarah and I welded up the frame, sashes and jamb.  Then the following week we added the finer details like hinges, hardware and paint.  So last week we finally did it.  We cut the hole.  It seemed like this day was never going to come and when it did we were apprehensive to do it.  It is hard to cut a hole in something so pure knowing that there is no looking back.  So after many iterations of measuring and marking and making certain “this is where we want it” we jumped in.  Like everything else the actual cut was simple and anti-climatic. ImageImage

 Once the cut was complete, wow!  completely transformed the space on the interior and the exterior seems to come alive.ImageImageImage

After sitting and staring at the new hole we had to get back to work as the rain was coming….  Prepped the new opening and fitted the window assembly and began welding.


Once all the welding was complete we primed the whole deal.  No sooner did the primer dry did it start to rain.  Anxious to complete the project that weekend we tented the window off, dried everything and continued to paint.

ImageWe had to leave the tent up overnight as it was too humid for the paint to dry and the rain never stopped…

Sunday morning came and we took down the tent and masking and installed the sashes.  After a long day on Saturday it was nice to see the progress complete.


Up next, framing the interior of Red….


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