Blue Floor..

Here is a quick one from 2010…


Progress has been slow this year as money has not been pouring in but we are still pushing ahead.  Before we cut the openings into the rest of the cabin we thought we better sand the floor as the dust tends to get everywhere.  So the weekend before I sanded the really rough floor to a point we felt was acceptable.  This was accomplished with a hand-held belt sander and a random orbit palm sander.  Having done this to red I knew what I was in for.  Needless to say it took about a full day.  The following weekend I vacuumed and dusted the whole floor prepping for finish.  First a coat of sealer then a one coat of finish.  We will lay down two or three more coats once the walls are up.ImageImage

We ended up using an oil based poly in a matte finish.  The photos look glossy but as it dries it transitions to matte.


Up next, bracing the ceiling of blue and cutting openings….



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3 responses to “Blue Floor..

  1. Ben P.

    How is the building going? I am really interested to see more of the progress!

  2. Ben P.

    Is there another site where you continued to write this blog? If so I would love to read it!

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