2011 Process

Time flies..  I can not believe how quickly time passes.  Anyway, here are some more process photos of the Holyoke cabin.

Once the floor had a coat of finish on it we went ahead and cut some openings into the blue container.  This one is for the kitchen.


We then framed the interior out (walls and ceiling), insulated with rigid foam (2″ in the walls and 4″ in the ceiling) and added a vapor barrier for extra protection.  You can see we have also added some wiring for the low voltage lighting.IMG_0229 IMG_0228With framing complete we clad the entire framed areas with birch veneer plywood.  We pre-finished this at home during the week to keep things moving along on the weekends..
P1000520By the end of 2011 we had all the interior clad and had started setting kitchen cabinets.  We used the old propane range in the kitchen, this came out of the original travel trailer we had long ago vacated.  It cleaned up quite well and still works like a charm.

P1000527 P1000529The next post we will cover more interior finishing.


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  1. Ben P.

    It looks great so far! thanks for posting again.

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